i'm gonna miss you

Dear K,

deciding to let you go is hard for me.
deciding to move out from your life is harder for me.
deciding to forget you is the hardest thing.


take care of yourself.
take care of your heart.
take care of your health.


be happy.
be love.
be smile.

so that, i know you are okay without me.

making you cry is a regret.
making you give up is a regret.
making you away is a regret.

things will never be the same.
we have to move on.
what had happen is all on me.

please, be very okay without me dear.
i love all the things we ever had together.
but know it will never happen again.
we can't fix the relation anymore.

sincerely, i let you go.

good luck K.
i'm gonna miss you and all the memories.

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