i'm okey

you just don't care,
you don't need me,
you will only get hurt with me,
you easily get anger on me.

what is my function,my status,my right in your life?

soon i will get off from your life,
you'll feel better at that time,
because i'll leave you to meet my creator when my time come.

thanks for everything,
i never regret to know you,
because at least i learn something,
learn to love a good partner as you.

wish you were here,
to here what i'm saying,
what i'm crying off,
what i'm scary off,
what i'm missing off from YOU!

all the past between me and you always be in my mind because the relation always there to be remain forever till the worlds end.

wish you could understand me,
wish i could understand you.

wish i can,i can , i can...
back to the past,
the best moment i ever had with you that i'll never have again with others.

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