currently unemployed

as it state,i'm currently unemployed.
anybody would like to hire me?
please ask for my resume at anytime.

i'm currently seeking for a job that:
5 working days
office hour/shift
related to accounting fields
salary RM1100 and above
with some benefits such as medical,allowance

and at the same time i'm preparing for part time studies:
during weekdays or
working days at night

am i too fussy on seeking a best job for myself?my future?
i want to be a career woman and at the same time holding at least a degree of accountancy.
aiyahhh very hard to find the best job that suits me.

before this i have had go for many interview,
from 7interviews i succeed in 3post.

1st post-account assistant,kota damansara,offered me less that RM1100 that i asked for.
it will not help me to covered my expenses to KD!the tolls,petrols,meals.arghhh.i need some saving for my studies ok!WTF!

2nd post-account assistant,ara damansara,offered me RM1300,no tolls,just petrol and meals expenses i should cover.but,it is just a post no accounts worked.i want a job that will make me done accounting will train me.huh!

3rd post-account executive/financial manager.offered me RM1500,taman sri gombak,not much expenses to be covered.i like the job even quit tough,but then if i accept i will have no time with my family,myself and my friends.i'll not enjoy my teenage life as it build my career in my choice of filed.this is the best post ever that i've been offered.sorry to myself,rejected a very good chance to gain some experienced.sigh*

what so ever....
what else i shoul do?
i'm getting fat,watching tv,online,playing games....
grrrr quit bored....

please hire me !

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